3 thoughts on “equations

  1. These early examples of minimalist/visual haiku/poetry are superb.
    Saroyan’s perhaps uses the mathematical template with words to point to their similarity=both are really self-enclosed symbol systems that have no reference outside their respective “languages.”
    And, I like how he adds: life originates in the sea we’ve been taught and by the time geologically you reach forests, you have the roaming space and feeding grounds for the development of horses.
    Grumman wonderfully weaves the sibilance of “s” to give the hush quality of “silent” habor, “snow,” and “isle,” and artfully makes of this quiet isolated barren wintriness scene the purpose of qualification, modification, parenthetical of either something left out or as remaking on the equation of
    which is “I” alone is an isle, a harbor, snow and can only become ripe, flourish when divided into Persephone, when tied to Persephone, the goddess of vegetation, spring, rebirth, nature.
    Random thoughts for a cold wintry day.

  2. Great to see the Saroyan mathemaku (as he didn’t call it), which came before any of mine.
    And, of course, wonderful to see what Jack Galmitz said about it and mine.
    * * * Just stepped out to go to haikuexperiments.com: great stuff there! Yes,haiku is evolving.

    Thanks, Roadrunner!

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