1 thought on “boom blood

  1. Scott’s been posting some poems with a strong rhythmcal presence. This one was discussed over on last (final) Sailing of the Troutswirl blog. I believe I praised it for its, shall I say, primitive physicality. Someone thought it was “about” a bomb’s approach and explosion. I see it that way too, though I am given to seeing outer events as mirroring inner ones.

    Nonetheess, what strikes me now is that this is a poem which, as I read it, happens very fast, the way such an “event” as a bombing would, and with confusion. But it is interesting to slow that speed down, to reveal the horror of it, to reveal the several events within the one event. I read this out loud rather quickly first, drumming down on each beat: thehighfizznerve the/ LOW BOOM BLOOD DEAD SI lence. The I break it up: the high fizz nerve////the low boom////blood////dead////////silence

    then I read it as I first did. Kind of what a cinematographer does in showing a falcon strike a duck.

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