Contribute!: The Haiku Foundation Video Archive

The Haiku Foundation (THF) has an interesting, exciting & important new project/campaign on IndieGoGo that could greatly use your help: The Haiku Foundation Video Archive. Be sure to check out the video that introduces the project.

Some words on the project from THF:

“[Help] contribute to the first collection of in-depth interviews documenting the development of 20th century English-language haiku. Poets, translators, and scholars, who have been largely ignored by the literary community, will share their work and discuss their ideas. The resulting video and audio recordings will be available FREE of charge on the The Haiku Foundation website, providing easy access to poets, teachers, critics, researchers, & readers.

Haiku poet Eve Luckring, an accomplished photographer and video artist, will collaborate with The Haiku Foundation’s founder and president, Jim Kacian, on a series of interviews. They will record in-person interviews using professional audio and video equipment. Within one year, with your help, The Video Archive will launch its website at The Haiku Foundation. THF is a not for profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers. A handful of generous people have funded our project so far; we need your help to realize The Video Archive.”

So, head over to the IndieGoGo site and throw some money their way. They’re looking to raise $6,000 by the end of June.


One thought on “Contribute!: The Haiku Foundation Video Archive

  1. THF Video Archive is a wonderful project! As a former teacher, I can imagine so many ways the videos will add to lesson plans. Also, my mother was a teacher and when, for health reasons, she no longer felt able to leave her home or nursing home, we brought the world to her. I can’t imagine those years without educational programs! Such good memories.

    All the best, Ellen

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