R’r 12.3

way mark harris R'r cover copy– click on the cover to read the issue as a flipbook –

– R’r 12.3 (downloadable PDF) –

. . .

scorpion prize 27 by Craig Dworkin

70+ new poems

Part I of an interview with translator Makoto Ueda


3 essays by Jack Galmitz on the work of Robert Boldman, Richard Gilbert, & Mark Harris

& the announcement of a new section in R’r: homeland

submission deadline for 13.1 is April 1, 2013: scott@roadrunnerjournal.net


1 thought on “R’r 12.3

  1. Though I have not had a chance to review the current R’r thoroughly, I have seen enough to be able to say that it is indeed a substantial issue. I want to express my thanks to Jack Galmitz for his thought-and-feelingful essays. I do feel that if haiku is to make head-and-heartway in our culture, it will require significant criticism, and Jack is among the few who are capable of providing this.

    The last few posts on the blog have been welcome provocations. I have been thinking about “the new precisionsim” quite a bit– I wish to understand more, but on the face of things, I’m not sure it’s a trend (if it is a trend) I can embrace. I hope to come back with something to say about that, and hope others will as well.


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