2 thoughts on “o o o oppen

  1. Hi Scott — Good to see some Oppen on the blog (especially as I’m working on an essay on his work, in connection with haiku, at the moment). In view of ‘tamed stones of ourselves’, I thought it might be useful to share another fragment from the series: ‘The tamed / stones of the villages’, which is less arresting, but shows, perhaps, where he was coming from, or how the idea arose. Similarly, to give some perspective on the quotation in your earlier post (‘Music, that marvel / trying to exist / out of this forest to come forth’), here’s fragment no. 6:

    I am not sure whether or not
    I would like to live altogether
    In the forest of poetry
    Its mystery and its clarity

    And (from no. 9):

    Poetry must be at least
    as powerful as music, but
    I’m not sure that
    it is possible

    Hear, hear —

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