submission deadline: August 1st

Submission deadline for R’r 12.2 & MASKS 4 is August 1

send ku for R’r to:

scott AT



send ku for MASKS to:

haikumasks AT


“es fallen” by the don juan remainder

new issue 12.1 now on the website

Many of you may have already checked out the new issue, 12.1.

It is now up on the website.

It features three sections of new ku (glass wombs, a collage of scissors, and not quite ice cream), Gathering Stones: An Interview with john martone by Jack Galmitz, Sunlight on a Different World: The Poetics of Grant Hackett, also by Jack, and Scorpion Prize 25 by Bob Perelman.

The submission deadline for 12.2 is August 1st, 2012.