amidst vs. (Paul Pfleuger, Jr.)

ant ant ant ant ant (contemporary haiku since 1994; edited by Chris Gordon)

Black Fox Studios

Blue Willow Haiku (Japanese haiku translations by Fay Aoyagi)

Chris Gordon

dbqp: visualizing poetics (Geof Huth)

Harriet: The Blog (Poetry Foundation)

homeland (the blog for R’r’s new section starting with issue 13.1)

Issa’s Untidy Hut (Lilliput Review / Don Wentworth)

Jon Cone

Joseph Massey

Monostitch Poet (Grant Hackett)

The New Modernism (Japanese Modernist & Avant-Garde Poetry, Translations Explorations) (Eric Selland)

Otoliths (edited by Mark Young)

Peaches & Bats’ Blague

The Pharmakon Times

Photon Montage


Red Dragonfly (Melissa Allen)

Silliman’s Blog

the Literary Bag (Tom D’Evelyn)

troutswirl (The Haiku Foundation)

The Haiku Foundation Forums

won des laits (Mark Young)


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