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articles / essays

Beyond the Haiku Moment / Haruo Shirane

A New Haiku Era: Non-season kigo in the Gendai Haiku saijiki / Richard Gilbert

Something with Wings: Fay Aoyagi’s Haiku of Inner Landscape / David G. Lanoue

Ground Control to the Flying Pope / Paul Miller

The Haiku Form Revisited, with a Thought on Alternatives for Kigo / Hiroaki Sato

A Brief Survey of Senryû by Women / Hiroaki Sato

The American Haiku Movement: Haiku in English (Part I) / Charles Trumbull

The American Haiku Movement: American Haiku, The Internet & World Haiku (Part II) / Charles Trumbull

A Correspondence on the Experimental by Cor van den Heuvel & Philip Rowland

From Haiku to the Short Poem: Bridging the Divide / Philip Rowland

Avant-Garde Haiku: A New Outlook / Philip Rowland

Surrealism & Contemporary Haiku ~OR~ Surreal Haiku? / Philip Rowland

For World Haiku by Ban’ya Natsuishi / Ban’ya Natsuishi

Tokyo Haiku Manifesto 1999 by Ban’ya Natsuishi / Ban’ya Natsuishi

Our Basis for World Haiku in the 21st Century by Ban’ya Natsuishi / Ban’ya Natsuishi

other journals


A Hundred Gourds

ant ant ant ant ant





Lilliput Review

Modern Haiku

Notes from the Gean


Peaches & Bats


Simply Haiku (archive)

The Heron’s Nest


—Richard Gilbert—

Poems of Consciousness (Red Moon Press, 2008)

Haiku Research

Gendai Haiku

A Brilliant Literature (Part I)

A Brilliant Literature (Part II)

Haiku—Take 5 Brilliant Corners

* * *

Jim Kacian (bio and essays)

john martone

Marlene Mountain

Kaneko Tohta / World Haiku Association / Haiku International Association

The Haiku Foundation

Haiku Registry

The Haiku Society of America

Haiku North America


Robert Grenier’s Sentences (Whale Cloth Press, 1978)

Modern Haiku Reviews

Modern Haiku Featured Essays

Haiku of Kobayashi Issa

Blue Willow Haiku World

HISTORY OF HAIKU: From Basho to Koi by Ryu Yotsuya


Between the Lines (a review of Fay Aoyagi’s In Borrowed Shoes) by Scott Metz

The Real Thing (a review of Fay Aoyagi’s Chrysanthemum Love by William J. Higginson)

Reboot (a review of The Haiku Universe for the 21st Century by Scott Metz)

a review of Peter Yovu’s Sunrise by Paul Miller

Views by Jack Galmitz (review by Johannes S. H. Bjerg)

called home by paul m. (review by Charles Trumbull)

Poems of Consciousness by Richard Gilbert (review by Randy Brooks)

Ksana  by john martone (review by  Marshall Hryciuk)

a sealed jar of mustard seeds by Scott Metz (review by Peter Yovu)

lakes & now wolves by Scott Metz (review by Eve Luckring)

lakes & now wolves by Scott Metz (review by Francine Banwarth)


Women & Postwar Gendai Haiku: From Invisibility to Leadership / Udo Kiyoko, Modern Haiku Association President talks with Richard Gilbert and Itō Yūki

The Shirane Tapes (in 6 parts; scroll down a bit) / a discussion with Haruo Shirane, Columbia University Professor of Japanese Literature and author of Traces of Dreams: Landscape, Cultural Memory and the Poetry of Bashō.

A Interview with Hasegawa Kai Part 1 / Part 2

Gendai Haiku: Interviews with 20th & 21st century Japanese haiku poets by Richard Gilbert


Haiku 21: an anthology of contemporary English-language haiku edited by Lee Gurga & Scott Metz (Modern Haiku Press, 2011)

lakes & now wolves by Scott Metz (Modern Haiku Press, 2012)

A Zodiac by Paul Pfleuger, Jr. (Red Moon Press, 2013)

Poems of Consciousness: Contemporary Japanese and English-language Haiku in Cross-cultural Perspective by Richard Gilbert (Red Moon Press, 2008)

Chrysanthemum Love by Fay Aoyagi (Blue Willow Press, 2003)

Sunrise by Peter Yovu (Red Moon Press, 2010; out of print?); see review above

VIEWS by Jack Galmitz (Cyberwit Press, 2012)

Haiku Poetics in Twentieth Century Avant-Garde Poetry by Jeffrey Johnson (Lexington Books, 2011) / [review by Edward Zuk / Modern Haiku]

Sentences by Robert Grenier (Whale Cloth Press, 1978)

burl by Mark Harris (Red Moon Press, 2012)

before music by Philip Rowland (Red Moon Press, 2013)

* Kaneko Tohta Volumes 1-4 (Red Moon Press, 2011-12) *

Ikimonofuei: Poetic Composition on Living Things

The Future of Haiku

Selected Haiku 1937-1960

Selected Haiku Part 2: 1961-2012

Right under the big sky, I don’t wear a hat by Hōsai Ozaki (translated by Hiroaki Sato) [Stone Bridge, Press, 1993]

Santoka :: Grass and Tree Cairn by Santoka (translated by Hiroaki Sato) [Red Moon Press, 2002]

Traces of Dreams: Landscape, Cultural Memory, and the Poetry of Bashō by Haruo Shirane (Stanford U Press, 1998)

From the Country of Eight Islands translated by Hiroaki Sato & Burton Watson

Bashō & His Interpreters by Makoto Ueda

Modern Japanese Haiku edited by Makoto Ueda (U. of Toronto Press, 1976)

Far Beyond the Fields: Haiku by Japanese Women edited by Makoto Ueda (Columbia U Press, 2003)

Japanese Women Poets: an anthology edited by Hiroaki Sato (M.E.Sharpe, 2007)

more wine by William M. Ramsey (Red Moon Press, 2010)

Haiku: A Poet’s Guide by Lee Gurga (Modern Haiku Press, 2003)

The Flying Pope by Ban’ya Natsuishi (Cyberwit, 2008)

Turquoise Milk: selected haiku of Ban’ya Natsuishi (Red Moon Press, 2011)

A Future Waterfall: 100 haiku by Ban’ya Natsuishi (Red Moon Press, 1999)

everything i touch by robert boldman (Red Moon Press, 2012)

called home by paul m. (Red Moon Press, 2006)

few days north days few by paul m. (Red Moon Press, 2011)

the old tin roof by marlene mountain (1976)

The Essence of Modern Haiku: 300 Poems by Seishi Yamaguchi (Weatherhill, 1993)

The Kobe Hotel by Sanki Saito (Weatherhill, 1993)

Masaoka Shiki: selected poems tr by Burton Watson (Columbia U Press, 1998)

Collected Haiku of Buson tr by W. S. Merwin & Takako Lento (Copper Canyon Press, 2013)

Issa’s Best: A Translator’s Selection of Master Haiku / David G. Lanoue (Translator)

Einstein’s Century: Akito Arima’s Haiku tr by Emiko Miyashita & Lee Gurga (Brooks Books, 2001)


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