After issue 13.2 is published (sometime in August), R’r will be going on a hiatus for at least a year; we will be sure to send out a notice and also post info here when were are accepting submissions once again. 

Submissions for 13.2 are still, of course, most welcome. The deadline is August 1st. Send your best to Paul or i at:




R’r submission details

(U. of Minnesota) image source


3 thoughts on “hiatus

  1. Konnichi wa Metz-san,

    Thanks for all the hard work you and Paul did…a terrific journal! I often wondered how you guys managed so much energy and attention…I think you woke up the haiku community…I’m sad for myself of course, because so few editors get what I’m trying to do…no matter, the work is all that counts.

    Gambatte kudasai,


  2. A great journal,… with two brave and bold editors…enjoy your rest…write haiku, drink cold beer and gaze at the blue sky.


  3. yes, thanks Scott, and thanks Paul. You helped make something new here. I can only imagine how much time and energy it’s taking. Add work and family and writing and you must be primed for a break. I’m hoping (along with many others, I’m sure) your hiatus doesn’t morph into terminus. You’ve illuminated alternate visions, who knows what that might lead to? Time to let imagination wander . . .

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