R’r’s back up and running


R’r is now up and running once again, thanks to the amazing and generous help of Mike Rehling.

The site does have a new URL however: http://www.roadrunnerjournal.com/

The last issue is not yet uploaded, but will be soon enough (that issue and all issues from 2012 and 2013 can be accessed thru this blog; see “Issues” at the top). Also, I plan on creating a single archive document of all Roadrunner/R’r issues in the near future and posting it on the main website and here as well.


Haiku 2014


Now available:
Haiku 2014

Edited by Lee Gurga & Scott Metz
Modern Haiku Press, 2014

100 notable ku from 2013, with an introduction by the editors.

Perfectbound, 110 pages.
$8 plus $3 shipping for orders to U. S. addresses.
For Canadian addresses, $8 plus $9 shipping.
Outside the U.S. and Canada, $8 per copy plus $13 shipping.

To order online, click HERE.

Or order your copy by sending cash or a check drawn on a U.S. bank to:

Modern Haiku Press
Box 68
Lincoln, IL 62656 USA

R’r website is down


Unfortunately, the R’r website is currently out of commission, and therefore many of the back issues can not be accessed at this time. Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon. A number of the more recent issues, however, are accessible through this blog (see the Issues section above). When the issue has been resolved, I will post again here. If the website is terminally “lost” then more than likely I will gather the back issues with help from others and republish them through this blog. Sorry for any inconvenience.



After issue 13.2 is published (sometime in August), R’r will be going on a hiatus for at least a year; we will be sure to send out a notice and also post info here when were are accepting submissions once again. 

Submissions for 13.2 are still, of course, most welcome. The deadline is August 1st. Send your best to Paul or i at:




R’r submission details

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Otoliths number twenty-nine

shades of rectangles

The new issue of Otoliths (a magazine of many e-things) is out, issue number twenty-nine, and both Paul Pfleuger, Jr. and myself have some new poems inside it:

pfleuger villain subjectPaul Pfleuger, Jr.

metz dronesScott Metz

Also of interest to R’r readers in the issue: Jack Galmitz has 8 visuals (one of which is the untitled piece up above), Camille Martin has 12 short poems, and Johannes S. H. Bjerg has two sequences and a visual.

some new little ones from john martone



john martone recently sent me links to 4 new small collections of his, intended to surround his longer collection, perleromeq, all of which is up for everyone over on his Scribd. page. They are skylight, night journey, daypack, and barometer.


Here are a few favorites selected by R’r coeditor, Paul Pfleuger, Jr.:

Martone 2013

Martone 2013

Martone 2013Martone 2013

And if you haven’t already, do check out another one of his many collections, skeleton key (embedded below via his Scribd. page), which recently received an Honorable Mention for The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Books Awards for 2012. Also, Don Wentworth recently wrote a nice write up on it for his blog series, Small Press Friday.

martone opens

martone all this