R’r website is down


Unfortunately, the R’r website is currently out of commission, and therefore many of the back issues can not be accessed at this time. Hopefully the issue will be fixed soon. A number of the more recent issues, however, are accessible through this blog (see the Issues section above). When the issue has been resolved, I will post again here. If the website is terminally “lost” then more than likely I will gather the back issues with help from others and republish them through this blog. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Pop Quiz: Is haiku in English a socially relevant poetics in the 21st century?

Just posted this on The Haiku Foundation’s Forum’s section, “In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area,” in case you’d like to check the answers (if any) it garners there. Thought i’d throw it out here as well. Since Richard Gilbert and I came up with homeland, the new section for R’r, we thought it would be interesting and thought-provoking to pose this very question. Look forward to hearing opinions on this.

Pop Quiz (single question):

Is haiku in English a socially relevant poetics in the 21st century?


Please answer “yes/no” to this question, and please provide a brief rationale and haiku examples to support your (yes/no) answer and statements.