George Oppen from Twenty-six Fragments in FACTURES George Oppen / “Twenty-Six Fragments” from Facture #2 (2001)

Entitled by archivists, in collaboration with Mary Oppen, “The Last Words of George Oppen,” “Twenty-Six Fragments” consists of a series of notes scrawled by Oppen on envelopes and other small pieces of paper found, after his death, on or near his desk or posted to the wall of his study. Some of the fragments were numbered by Oppen, others were not. [. . . ] Although these are among the last writings Oppen is known to have produced, there is no way of determining their exact date of composition, nor does their content suggest any conscious desire on Oppen’s part to mark them as conclusive or final. —Stephen Cope / George Oppen: Selected Poems (p183) ed. by Robert Creeley [New Directions, 2003]