Le fils de l’homme / The Son of Man by René Magritte (1964)

tr. by Burton Watson / From the Country of Eight Islands

tr. by Burton Watson / Masaoka Shiki: Selected Poems

1960 / Haiku: This Other World (#436)

September 21 1965   # e b ’ / The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner

Poems 1966-1967 [Pages, Random House, 1969]

/ A 2nd Flake (1974)

/ Modern Haiku 6.2 (1975)

Viral 7.2  by Chris Gordon

Gendai Haiku Kyokai Sakuhin-Shû (Modern Haiku Association Anthology), 1982              tr. by Fay Aoyagi

/ Opera in the Human Body (1990) [Turquoise Milk, Red Moon Press 2011]

/ Modern Haiku 35.1 (2004)

Haiku Shiki (Haiku Four Seasons), October 2008; created from a tr. by Fay Aoyagi

/ Ginyu 42 (2009)

MASKS ONE (2009)

 / R’r 9.1 (2009)

Chris Gordon :: Jack Dander

MASKS ONE (2009)

/ Ginyu 42 (2009)

:: Jack Dander / MASKS 2 (2009)

/ Ginyu 42 (2009)

/ R’r 9.2 (2009)

/ The Heron’s Nest 12.1 (2010)

/ R’r 10.1 (2010)

/ R’r 10.3 (2010)

/ Haidan (Haiku Stage), September 2011; new arrangement using a tr. by Fay Aoyagi

/ A Hundred Gourds 1.1 (2011)

A Dragon Is Born

Pomme dragon by Salvador Dali (1969/70)

Pomme dragon by Salvador Dalí (1969/70)

the pregnant woman’s shout
—Year of the Dragon

Anthony J. Pupello
from Frogpond 11:1 (1988)

Each time I’m born
from a dragon’s bone
I smile

Ban’ya Natsuishi
from Opera in the Human Body (1990)
translated by Ban’ya Natsuishi and Jim Kacian

price of children drops
the red dragon is being
with your wounds the dance

DA Levy
from ant ant ant ant ant number 5 (2002)

In the woods
a dragon rises
Shall I go in?

Ed Gallagher
from Asahi Haikuist Network (2009)

Prevalence of the
Dragon. Tail color of the
Last leaf of autumn.

Charles Henri Ford
from Emblems of Arachne (1986)

Moving anger
into clay

Marlene L’Abbe
from Raw NerVZ (1998)

My lover
like a clay dragon
stays wet

Tomizawa Kakio (1935~1940)
translated by Masaya Saito
from Modern Haiku 24:3 (1993)

what I cannot own the dragon takes a new lover

Jason Sanford Brown
from No. 33 (2008)

From the fog
the rush hour bridge
a dragon’s voice

Mike Taylor
from Modern Haiku 17:1 (1986)

Rain falls.
In each tangerine
a dragon is born.

Norberto de la Torre
from The universe in a hat (1995)?
translated by Ty Hadman
from Modern Haiku 36:3 (2005)

a groaning in the
jungle, that dragon
made of water

Robert D. Wilson
from “Vietnam Ruminations” (2003)

In the house of ice
playing with
a dragon nail

Yasui Kôji
translated by Ban’ya Natsuishi
from Kuhen (2003)

In the western sky
Beauty like a sick dragon

Yasui Kôji
translated by Eric Selland
from Kuhen (2003)

on the metro a homeless dragon to the weakening dollar

Jason Sanford Brown  
from No. 33 (2008)

*special thanks to Charles Trumbull for assistance in putting this selection together

The Dragon Awakens by Li Poon (2009)

The Dragon Awakens by Li Poon (2009)